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Altura Painting Protection

Altura Painting is licensed and fully insured.

Altura’s “Painting Protection” goes even more than just having insurance, as painters we are the guardians of your home or your business. Our client’s hire us because they know they can hand us the key of their home with absolute confidence; we will always take good care of your property and your neighborhood.

Can I feel safe when the crew is working in the house?

We carefully screen our employees when they are hired. When we employ great people, you get great service.

Are you a legitimate company? Do you pay taxes?

Altura Painting is a registered company and pays taxes on the money it earns. We are members of the Better Business Bureau.

What if someone gets hurt working on the house?

We carry Worker’s Compensation on each of our employees. If someone is hurt, their medical bills will be paid, and they cannot sue the homeowner.

Will your employees take care of my home? Will they cover things and clean up when the job is finished?

Our procedures include careful protection of your home, place of business and your belongings. If something needs special attention we will work with you to ensure it’s protected. When finished paint residue and debris will be cleaned up and taken away. Our painters work hard to keep your home clean.

How will you keep me up to date on the progress of the work?

Our crew leaders will communicate with you daily. They will inform you of where they will be working ahead of time and will also give you a date when they’ll be finished.

Are your painters trained to do their job?

Our crew leaders average around 10-15 years in the painting business. They take their work very seriously.

Will it be safe to sleep in our house at night while the project is going on?

Whenever possible we use water-based paints. These types of products are the safest to use and most people do not have any sensitivity to them. If you are especially concerned about this we can use special paints to suit your needs.

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