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Ridgewood NJ Painting

Date:07 Dec, 2014

Skills:Ridgewood, NJ - Exterior painting and pressure washing.

Client:Residential Project

Ridgewood NJ Painting

Ridgewood NJ Painting – One of the requirements for pressure washing a house is the proper surface preparation, we have sprayed a solution to remove mildew, stains, algae and moss from the siding surfaces. Most of the affected areas are usually on the north side of the houses and where there’s a lot of trees and shrubs. High humidity and shadowy areas are the perfect conditions for mildew proliferation.

Altura Painting Contractors protects any and all surfaces necessary to complete the job, we work safely and we calibrate our pressure washers as to not damage the siding or any other surfaces that need to be clean.  Our professional service consists in high quality work from start to finish, be sure that your home will be treated like if it is our own house.

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